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Alcohol addiction occurs when a person loses control over their drinking. They are no longer able to control how much they drink and will start to experience withdrawal symptoms when they haven't had a drink in some time. A person suffering from alcohol addiction will experience problems in their personal and professional lives due to drinking because alcohol will start to consume and occupy their thoughts. When a person struggles with these and other symptoms of alcohol addiction, they need alcohol addiction treatment in Lubbock.


They may have conflicts with family members and withdraw from others for fear their problem will be discovered. They may show up late or even drunk to work. They may also experience legal problems, such as drinking while driving, getting in fights, or engaging in other risky behaviors. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, "Alcohol is the primary drug of abuse in Texas." An estimated 23 percent of people admitted to publicly funded drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs were admitted for the primary problem of alcohol abuse. Of these people, an estimated 68 percent were male and the average age was 39, according to 2013 statistics.

If you or a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction in Lubbock, you aren't alone. Fortunately, alcohol addiction treatment in Lubbock is available.

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse can have devastating effects on a person's body, causing damage to nearly every organ system. The longer and more alcohol a person abuses, the more severe the symptoms are. This is a good reason for a person to seek alcohol rehab as quickly as possible -- to prevent further damage to their body and to start reversing the symptoms whenever possible. Alcohol can impact a person's body systems in the following ways:

  • Brain: Alcohol can especially affect a person's memory as well as coordination, mood, and ability to think clearly. This can result in conditions such as depression as well as in poor decision-making.
  • Heart: Excessive drinking can lead to abnormal heart rhythms and enlargement of the hear, which can cause the heart to beat less effectively.
  • Liver: The liver is responsible for filtering toxins in the body and is responsible for filtering and breaking down alcohol. Understandably, repeated drinking can lead to liver inflammation. This includes fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis or scarring of the liver, and cirrhosis, which results in permanent damage to the liver. Because the liver also filters medications and the normal breakdown of cells and other substances in the body, damage from alcohol can prevent these normal body functions from occurring. The results can be deadly.
  • Pancreas: Excess alcohol in the body can lead to the pancreas producing toxic substances and developing pancreatitis. This condition causes a person to experience painful inflammation of the pancreas that requires a hospital stay.

Alcohol abuse can also weaken a person's immune system. A person is more likely to suffer from conditions such as pneumonia. Those who abuse alcohol are also at greater risk for cancers, including those of the throat, esophagus, liver, breast, and mouth.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Alcohol addiction treatment in Lubbock can be vital to helping a person achieve and maintain their sobriety. While drug detox in Lubbox attempts to treat uncomfortable symptoms, alcohol is the one substance where detoxing can actually lead to deadly symptoms if done in a medically unsupervised environment. Alcohol can cause a series of symptoms known as the delirium tremens or DTs. These symptoms include rapid heart rate, hallucinations, and seizures. While only a fraction of people who withdraw from alcohol experience these symptoms, it isn't always possible to predict who will and who won't.

At an alcohol addiction treatment program, a person can receive around-the-clock support as they withdraw from alcohol. They can receive medications such as lorazepam (Ativan) and IV fluids that include vitamins and minerals that reduce the likelihood the person will experience a seizure. They can also receive anti-nausea medications and medications to promote sleep. While our alcohol addiction treatment programs in Lubbock can't take away every symptom of withdrawal, they can dramatically ease the process for a person. This allows them to move forward with their sobriety, and can participate in anything from 12-step programs to individual counseling as a means to stay sober.

Alcohol addiction treatment present the safest and most effective way for a person to withdraw from alcohol. Treatment gives the person the support and best chance for success so they ideally only have to go through the detox process once and can prevent the harmful health effects that can occur from drinking from happening to them. Call Lubbock Drug Rehab Centers now at (877) 804-1531.

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