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Struggling to get clean? Lubbock heroin addiction recovery center can guide you to a successful recovery

An addiction is a disease of the brain. It is one of the most difficult disorders to overcome, and one that takes a toll in every single aspect of your life. Depending on the substance and circumstances, one hit can kill you-- you never know when that may be. Lubbock heroin addiction recovery understands this concept and is available to help you regain control of your life.

Heroin is an illegal and extremely addictive drug obtained from morphine. Because of its extreme effect on the brain's receptors, once the brain cells have access to the drug, an addiction path is set. Heroin addiction rehab is necessary in order to break the cycle and get clean.

A heroin addiction can be lethal if not treated rapidly. Moreover, just by taking the drug, your body goes through a number of symptoms that could bring many health risks and complications, even if its the first time you try it.

Some of the issues than can result from taking heroin and that can develop into life-threatening conditions, or lead to dangerous behavior are:

  • Reduced ability to control regular behavior
  • Sedation of the respiratory system
  • Slow and irregular breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat and functioning
  • Paranoia and hallucinations

To be able to relieve these symptoms, you need to get clean. Heroin addiction rehab starts with a detoxification process in order to achieve this. Lubbock heroin addiction recovery offers a complete detox program followed by rehabilitation therapy.

A medical detox is the only way to remove heroin from your system. This means that heroin withdrawal medication is needed to be able to clean the toxins and ease the symptoms that accompany withdrawal.

Medical practitioners that execute medical detox, use heroin withdrawal medication that serves to imitate the effects of heroin in your system, in order to slowly -- but safely -- decrease the effects of the drug.

By doing this, Lubbock heroin addiction recovery professionals are able to monitor, evaluate and control your withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most common heroin withdrawal medication available and used for detox are:

  • Methadone: a slow-acting opioid antagonist that successfully prevents withdrawal symptoms, while preventing a euphoric high that.
  • Buprenorphine: a partial opioid antagonist that serves to reduce cravings for the drug, while decreasing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone: an opioid antagonist that blocks the action of heroin in the brain.

While these heroin withdrawal medications are very common and the most used for detoxification, they are only available for implementation under strict medical supervision during a medical detox.

Furthermore, a comprehensive heroin addiction rehab treatment is necessary to ensure that -- once you get clean after detox -- you get the therapeutic support you need in order to kick your addiction for once and for all.

Lubbock heroin addiction recovery uses a number of methodologies that are customized to your particular needs. Some of the most common treatments are:

  • Individual or Family Therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
  • Group Counseling
  • Medication Management Therapy

In addition to these traditional approaches, our heroin addiction rehab program is complemented by holistic activities that serve as coping skills and mechanisms to prevent relapse.

Some of these activities include equine therapy, art therapy, yoga and meditation and acupuncture. When you adopt these activities as part of your new, healthier lifestyle, they serve to fight off old, unhealthy habits that could cause a relapse.

If you are ready to get committed to your well-being and refocus on you, we can help and support you every step of the way. Call Lubbock Drug Rehab Centers at (877) 804-1531 and one of our professionals will guide you through our available programs.




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