Lubbock Alcohol and Drug Rehab

You thought you could control your substance abuse problem, but now realize you actually need help. Lubbock alcohol and drug rehab is the solution.

You started drinking socially, to celebrate something, to not feel left out. You were doing it to kill time, just for the fun of it, sound familiar? Or maybe someone offered you some pot, a bit of cocaine, some pills to relax and enjoy. And suddenly things got out of hand, and you can no longer control it. Lubbock alcohol and drug rehab centers will help you overcome your addiction.

Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide, and that -- unfortunately -- also ends hundreds of lives on a daily basis. It is common, but it is also treatable. Part of the success of a drug and alcohol rehab program, is having the desire of getting better.

When you are in need of alcohol rehab, you cannot resist the urge of having another drink, a sip, you just engage in any type of behavior to obtain the substance and don't stop to think about consequences. Sadly, this is something that affects you and your loved ones alike, because your self-destruction has countless ramifications.

Lubbock alcohol and drug rehab start by offering you a thorough detoxification treatment. This is step one in getting you clean. With the supervision and guidance of medical professionals, your body gets rid of the toxins (alcohol and/or drugs) that produce chemical imbalances in your brain, heart and the rest of your organs.

Because detoxing can be dangerous, it is highly recommended that you go through it at an inpatient facility, while receiving attention and care to treat your withdrawal symptoms; these could change rapidly and go from mild to life-threatening conditions if not handled properly. This is especially true in alcohol rehab, when you can experience tremors, seizures, heart failure and/or brain damage from quitting cold turkey.

Once you complete your detoxification process, the second part of your drug and alcohol rehab treatment is psychotherapy. Whether you use traditional therapy alone (individual, cognitive-behavioral, family therapy, etc.) or you combine it with other holistic approaches offered by Lubbock alcohol and drug rehab centers (equine therapy, yoga and meditation, pain management, etc.), your therapeutic program will be customized to tackle each and every one of your particular needs.

This means that our team will strive to effectively address any psychological and/or emotional circumstance or issue that could have triggered or contributed to your substance abuse problem. Our therapists have the knowledge and expertise to treat you -- regardless of age, sex, race, belief -- and ensure that you can identify and understand these underlying issues.

When you understand the psychological issues behind your addiction, it becomes easier to be more aware of what could affect you once you go back to your normal life. Our drug and alcohol rehab programs make certain that you also learn the tools and skills that will help you fight off temptation, thus, preventing relapse into substance abuse.

Learning new skills and coping mechanisms becomes a part of you and your new routine, which is key on maintaining your sobriety in the long run. Once you leave a treatment facility and complete alcohol rehab or drug rehab, the activities you have adopted as new, healthy habits are the ones that will keep you away from the substance

This all becomes part of your aftercare plan. Your schedule of steps, healthy practices, support system, group meetings, counselors, etc. that you lean on when facing daily life after completing your rehabilitation program.

Admitting you need help and wanting to get better makes rehabilitating easier and faster. But having a good, comprehensive treatment is what makes everything effective and ensures your success. Call us today at (877) 804-1531 and find out how we can help you achieve that.



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